Code of Ethics
and Model 231

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Torneria Nicoletti Srl is always committed to maintaining a working environment in which respect reigns between everyone, regardless of their social and cultural background. To do this, it does not limit itself to merely applying the provisions of the law, but also listens to the needs of workers, committing itself to establishing an ethical work culture and activating a process of self-regulation of an environmental and social nature.

In compliance with the provisions of legislative decrees 231/01 and 81/08 and on the basis of integrated and certified safety and environmental management systems, in order to ensure compliance with regulations and increasingly raise awareness of the standards of environmental protection and health and safety in the workplace (consequently reducing the risk of possible accidents and/or occupational illnesses and environmental incidents), Torneria Nicoletti S.r.l. has endowed itself, among the various instruments used to oversee its various company policies, with a Code of Ethics and an Organisation, Management and Control Model in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 governing the administrative liability of legal entities.

The Model, approved by the Board of Directors, is structured by means of an organisational structure, an internal control system and appropriate rules of conduct capable of preventing the commission of the offences envisaged by the aforementioned Legislative Decree 231 by both the so-called apical subjects and those subject to their supervision or management.

All stakeholders are therefore made aware of their activities by reporting, via the odv.nicoletti@gmail.comalleged health, safety and environmental violations in the workplace of which they become aware.