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The Management of TORNERIA NICOLETTI is particularly sensitive to the needs of the market and considers of fundamental importance the satisfaction of the customer through the adoption of a correct insurance policy e control of integrated systems (quality - safety & environment).

The particular objectives that we have resolved to consistently achieve are:

  • supply of products with a defect rate "tending towards zero".
  • construction of parts that meet well-defined requirements for use with particular attention to aesthetics and functionality
  • reducing the costs of non-quality
  • optimization of delivery times
  • to involve the entire company structure, each for their own roles and competences, in the achievement of safety objectives through an effective risk-assessment, so that company management is geared towards preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases
  • implementation of a philosophy aimed at continuous improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention.

In order to achieve these goals, the company is committed to a constant improvement of its organization and to continuous studies for the improvement of manufacturing and control cycles.

And it is precisely as a result of this mentality that in December 1996 the Company Quality System of TORNERIA NICOLETTI was certified by the Det Norske Veritas in accordance with regulations UNI EN ISO 9002 and subsequently, in November 2017, updated to the new standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Torneria Nicoletti has also obtained the certification according to the standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007 in February 2013 and subsequently, in February 2019, through an integrated audit the migration to the UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 (new ISO standard for health and safety in the workplace) and the new certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 about its environmental management system.


  • Software for statistical process control, networked on numerous stations located in production departments
  • Software for the management of measuring instruments
  • Quality system management software
  • Profile projector
  • Rugosimeter
  • Rotondimeter
  • Three-dimensional measuring machine
  • Microscope camera
  • CNC Profile Yugosimeter with 4 Automatic Axes
  • Optical measuring machine for production